A Mini Impact Livelihood Restoration Audit for Kikagati 15.5 MW Hydropower Project

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Project Overview

Kikagati Hydropower Project is a 15.5 MW Transboundary Hydropower Plant currently in operation. The power station is located on the Kagera River which is the main tributary to Lake Victoria, along Uganda’s International border with the United Republic of Tanzania. The site is accessible via the Mbarara – Isingiro – Murongo Highway.

Scope of Work

Proess carried out an Impact Review of the Livelihood Restoration Activities that were being implemented within the communities of Kikagati (Uganda side) focusing on the directly affected persons/households. The purpose of conducting the audit was to measure compliance to IFC Performance Standard (PS5) Land Acquisition and Involuntary Resettlement while focusing on the impact of the economic displacement, adherence to the policy on Integrated Water Resource Management and Development Project (IWMDP), Ministry of Water and Environment, 2018, and NEMA Certificate of approval.

Services Offered

  • Reviewed and quantified income restoration and rehabilitation measures/activities as described in the LRP.
  • Assessed PAP ability to access project jobs and how they have enhanced their household incomes.
  • Assessed the extent of implementation of the existing LR activities and the level of PAPs’ interaction inclusiveness (engagement), and ownership of the processes.
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the financial management programme and structure.
  • Reviewed and assessed the extent of the project’s intervention toward vulnerable PAPs.
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the HIV/AIDs program in relation to the enhancement of livelihood program implementation.
  • Reviewed the physical resettlement measures and the project’s provision of decent alternative model accommodation.
  • Assessment of the challenges and benefits of the livelihood program with a focus on land base livelihood, wage-based livelihood and entrepreneurship-based livelihood.
  • Evaluation of the adherence to the Buy Uganda, Build Uganda (BUBU) concept in enhancing PAP livelihoods.

Location: Isingiro District, Western Uganda
Client: Kikagati Power Company Limited
Period: August – December 2021


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