Sustainability Policy

Ensuring that our services and operations have a positive impact and contribute to long-term sustainable growth.

At Proess Limited, we strive to embed sustainability into all our activities; within the business operations, in the services we provide our clients, and in the delivery of our projects. Proess’ commitment to sustainability encompasses the following key areas:

Our Operations

  • We ensure our business remains a going concern maintaining our profitability and competitiveness.
  • We conduct our business ethically with high standards of fairness, respect, integrity and honesty.
  • We seek to continually improve resource efficiency within the organization.

Our People

  • We strive to keep employees safe, engaged and satisfied.
  • We strive to provide our employees with learning and development opportunities

Our Clients

  • We are early adopters of new technologies and standards, and ensure we are constantly innovating and at the cutting age.
  • We continue to improve the performance of our projects by promoting design solutions that focus on resource efficiency and environmental management.
  • We strive to ensure client satisfaction and loyalty through reliable and efficient service delivery.

Our Community

  • We strive to engage the government, regulators and industry partners to encourage better environmental and social standards in the built environment.
  • We strive to engage our partners, clients and associates to minimize the negative environmental impact of our services.
  • We strive to support and build capacity and skills in the communities in which we operate and encourage our employees to actively engage host communities in areas where our services are offered.

The overall responsibility for the adherence to the sustainability policy lies with the Management
Representative under the directorship of the Managing Director.